Did you get your 7a PPP loan or 7b EIDL already?


Do you have a Post-COVID-19 Financial Strategy?

We don’t know.

But it appears unlikely we’ll live in “lockdown” for 18 months.

However, just because the lockdowns are lifted does that mean COVID-19 is over?

Not according to Morgan Stanley...

So what are some of our clients in the pet and vet industries doing?

Well they’re planning for something different on the other side.

Not… “back to normal”.

A new world.

And with that we need to think of what it will look like.


Many businesses are RE-INVENTING themselves.

And if you do that…

Which employees do you keep?
What costs can you manage?
Do you create a new legal entity?
How do you close down the previous business?
How do I rebuild my budget from zero?

Yes, we’re ready to get SBA loans when the government allocates more funding.

Yes, we’re taking advantage of all tax credits and deferrals to get cash now.

Yes, we’re rebuilding our budgets, income, and expenses to SURVIVE 18 months or more.

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