Every startup needs a financial roadmap. Whether you are raising capital with investors, or taking on some form of short-term or long-term debt, you need to have a multi-year forecasting tool that can aid your decision-making for both financial and operational decisions. Investors will want to see a plan that maps out all the complexities of your business and exactly how you will spend the capital you have to begin with. Whether it is a $100K convertible note or a $1M equity round, the amount you ultimately raise with investors will depend on your growth, traction, and valuation.

The most common types of models used are the Three Statement Model, Discounted Cash Flow Model, Merger & Acquisitions Model, Initial Public Offering Model, Leveraged Buyout Model, Consolidation Model, Budget Model, Forecasting Model, and Option Pricing Model.

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  • Dynamic Inputs & Outputs

  • Revenue Growth Modeling

  • Integration between the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flows

  • Cash Forecasting

  • Scenario Analysis

  • Sensitivity Analysis

  • Valuation Methodology

  • Accounting Integration


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