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What if you had a financial expert on your team who 

- had deep knowledge of the pet and vet industries

- could help you to pay the least amount in taxes required 

- could help you optimize your profitability or cash flow?

We believe that all great pet businesses start with people, pets, and ideas. Those three things are what makes your business unique and what makes it succeed. Our goal is to help your people, pets, and ideas succeed. We offer a wide range of services to do just that.  


From accounting to income taxes, software training to development, and much more we are here to help you succeed. PetCFO was founded to help pet and vet entrepreneurs to achieve their financial goals. PetCFO provides an offering that integrates tax planning and preparation with accounting and CFO-level financial guidance. PetCFO is a financial consultancy firm that works with pet and vet founders to expand their financial capabilities at all points throughout the year. 

Unlike conventional accounting firms that focus on tax-prep, that have primarily transactional relationships with their clients, and that do the bulk of their work in the first three months of the year—PetCFO seeks long-term partnerships where we can help our clients avoid financial pitfalls and maximize profit opportunities throughout the entire year. Our services fit into three stages, each of which builds on the former: accounting and tax; reporting and metrics; and, decision analysis. 

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